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    • 27 Jun 2023
    • 29 Jun 2023
    • Puebla, Mexico

    Dialogue is at the center of our public life, but also of our interior life. When we teach, we learn, we decide, or we think: we dialogue. Dialogue also builds our interpretation of the world and builds us as people and as professionals, defining our identity positions.

    During the last decade, the contributions of the theories centered on dialogue, and especially the Dialogical Self Theory, proposed by Dr. Hubert Hermans, have contributed in an extraordinary way to promote innovation and research in Education. Led by the "International Society for Dialogical Science" (https://dialogicalself.wildapricot.org/) eleven international conferences have already been held on the subject in Europe and the United States.

    Now, for the first time, we have organized an international congress in South-America, the 1st Ibero-American Congress on Teaching, Learning and Dialogical Identity (CieLOg), where we will have the presence of Dr. Hubert Hermans, among other renowned researchers. And we will do it in an unbeatable location for its beauty and tradition: the city of Puebla in Mexico.

    We are waiting for you in the wonderful Puebla (Mexico) from June 27 to 29, 2023 with open arms and minds to dialogue!

    We beg you to send this message to all those who may be interested. The official languages ​​of the congress are Spanish, Portuguese and English.

    This is the WEB of the congress: https://www.congresodialogico.org/

    Scientific committee and organizing committee of the CieLOg

    • 4 Jun 2024
    • 7 Jun 2024
    • Tallinn, Estonia

    12th International Conference on the Dialogical Self in Tallinn, Estonia, 4-7 June, 2024:


    The purpose of the conference is to create a forum for dialogue across the boundaries of specific (sub)disciplines, and to explore the possibilities and challenges related to the dialogical self. As such, the 12th International Conference on the Dialogical Self is open to psychologists and scholars of social sciences, linguistics, and arts.

    Fields of study and application

    Exploration of the dialogical self has a broad scope, including areas as far-reaching as literary science, empirical psychology, and psychotherapy practice. It brings together different fields of psychology, such as personality, developmental, social, political, cultural, and clinical psychology, and brain sciences. Increasingly, researchers use the theory to make meaning of the complexity of educational, coaching, and counselling practices. Across these diverse fields, the Dialogical Self provides an interdisciplinary platform for innovative research, theory and practice.

    Central topics of interest

    Central topics of interest include, but are not limited to the following:

    • self and identity
    • culture and self
    • self and education
    • globalization and glocalization
    • social power and dominance
    • self and emotions
    • dialogue and linguistics
    • self-narratives in psychotherapy
    • dialogue and development
    • wisdom, maturity and health
    • multivoicedness and art.

    Link: https://konverentsikeskus.tlu.ee/en/12th-international-conference-dialogical-self

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